March 9, 2011

The illness of Society

Poverty is what was known to be the dreadful illness as they say. But what exactly is the remedy? Who is really responsible for the cure? Some say the government is in charge. But are they really doing their duty? Where in our society shows factual evidence that the poor gets poorer and the wealthy gets even wealthier. Well, in a thought, our government’s inadequacy has a lot to do with this so called infirmity. But there is no perfect governance at all. Even the richest amongst all nations in the globe is, and can be infected by the illness, because poverty is a national disease that is not bound to be eliminated to any further extent. It’s like cancer cells in one’s body that can develop to be dreadful and life threatening. However, such disease, may be improbable of riddance, can always be controlled. And this control is not customarily begun by the government. What normally makes a cancer patient incurable is usually his or her lifestyle prior to getting sick. And not even the greatest doctor can guarantee a treatment. Same goes to our society. The government can not make the poor wealthy. They are compelled to control the nations well being and we are responsible for our own way of life. It is our mentality that actually makes us ill and not the government at all. The poor people become even poorer because they drop themselves deeper. A fine example is a lady who complains how flawed the government is, not being able to provide better jobs and housing for individuals like her who is obliged to feed her eight youngsters, and apparently her earnings from doing part time laundry service just isn’t enough. Imagine what will happen to these eight fellows. Now, is it really the government’s fault? It’s not the doctor’s fault if his cancer patient continues mistreating himself despite of his ill condition. Poverty is indeed an illness. And not one nation is exempted. Perhaps good governance has a role to play. But we are still responsible for own well being. We can’t be poor only if we prevent to become poor. Our wellness counts on to our own way of life.


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