April 10, 2011

How to earn money from your blog website

Blogging has become one of the well-like approach of conveying someone’s thoughts, ideas, sentiments, personal opinion, and criticism on several different things, people, place and a lot more to the whole cyber world. This has been the bridge that connects writing enthusiasts to all humanity. But little do we know, blogging is not just about plain publishing of paragraphs and phrases. It can also give you earnings. How?

One all the rage way is to either become a direct or indirect advertisement publisher. Using your website or blog site to publish advertisements can generate earnings straight to your pocket. Though it may sound too straightforward, it takes a lot to become an effective publisher. Just because you have a blog site doesn’t mean you can publish ads at any given time. There are certain things that you need to establish before you can be an eligible publisher. The primary element is basically the content of your site. Contents that preserve character, good sense, relevance, significance and intelligence may it be about a specific thing, hobbies, contemporary events, people, or any topic similar to that for that matter are essential. No advertiser in his lucid mind will pay to advertise in a blog that just tells how heavy the rain it was yesterday or how humid it was the day before that.

The next important thing is your site’s number of visitors in a day, otherwise called as “traffic”. A beautiful content is useless when it is not recognized. A fairly large amount of visitors in a day gives your blog site full potential to publish ads and earn from it. Achieving a good number of visitors goes along with your content of course. An interesting topic may it be about fashion, technology, sports or anything that possesses some rank of publicity is typically what draws plenty of site visits. But hey, don’t be too excited. Just because you are a good author doesn’t mean you can sell your novel just as easy. There are things apart from writing interesting contents that should be done “technically” to put your articles in page 1 of Google or Yahoo, and these would be discussed in a separate article.

Now, say I hold these two things in my website/blog site already. So how exactly do I earn through publishing advertisements? We mentioned earlier about direct and indirect publisher. Direct advertisement publishing works when firms pay you sum of money on a contract to advertise their products, job employment, or their names in your website. They do that to spread their business, gain public attention, close deals, increase product demands and everything else that relates to it. This is where you can earn a lot in a little time. Now if you are starting to think of becoming a direct publisher, that is not as simple as it may seem. As far as content is concerned, your website should possess a certain degree of reputation to gain advertisers. Your site is ultra popular worldwide, visitors just keep on coming non-stop, and you are likely considered a part of people’s lives. One good example of which is Facebook. Facebook is probably one of the most visited social media networking website all over the world. It does not fall short in traffic each day and this is exactly what advertisers want. Now if your website is anything close, you can potentially be the next billionaire. If your website is nothing like this and just falls on average, do not give up hope. You could still publish ads in your site indirectly and can still potentially earn a significant amount not by contract but by advertisement clicks instead. To do this, you need to sign up to intermediary ad sites that let you publish advertisements on a pay per click scheme. Adsense is one of the most popular ad publishing program designed by Google to allow bloggers and website owners around the world to publish ads and earn through visitor clicks. The amount of money you earn per click depends on several different aspects that only Google could probably account for. What is certain is that the more traffic you have means the more possible clicks you can collect and convert to an amount of money which will be paid to you on a guaranteed payment scheme by Google.

How is this done? You need to submit your site to Google Adsense to open and create an Adsense account. It would normally take a day or two before they confirm and let you start publishing ads. That is if your website maintains the two elements mentioned earlier. Google does not just grant accounts to websites, they must go by some set of criteria which they typically provide upon application that serve as your guide. They measure the content, completeness, and relevance that if one of these not make the grade, you’ll be denied and be asked to reapply once your site is all that good. Sounds like a lot of work? Not entirely. Once you set up your site and put in significant articles, that’s the start. Hard work is just a onetime outlay to get the money flowing in non-stop. Start writing-start earning.


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