April 6, 2011

Kartzone - Cebu City

CEBU City, Philippines has other treats in its pocket that will categorically hook you up.  For tourists that hold their attention to other types of extreme activities, go-karting is but one best substitute to carry away monotony.

Kartzone, Cebu City

Kartzone is strategically located at the heart of Cebu City along F.Cabahug road in Mabolo.  A 5 minute drive from Ayala Center, SM Cebu and most of the hotels within the vicinity.  It doesn't require a lofty sense of direction to locate it, 1st timers can surely locate the place much easier than a public toilet.

The fee is fairly reasonable for the experience and the brand of amusement you can take.  They charge PHP 300 for every visitor who wishes to set track which already covers an 8 lap go-kart boost.  It does not include the usage of a safety helmet and a knitted full face mask, but if you have to, you can bring your own gear for that matter.

After clearing the fees, the guests are then required to grace their presence in a 15 minute briefing and orientation.  The facilitator discusses every slice of information all guests must know before they finally hit the track.

The kart:
The car is more or less aged by a sheer look at its structure.  Tires are sleek, fixed to an iron frame with fiberglass claddings.  It is run by a petrol motor that sounds like a boat when running but guess what-it rocks.  It just has two foot pedals for accelaration(right foot) and break(left foot) and a steering wheel allowing an unfussy driving experience especially to beginners.  the driver can take it straightforward or fancy, eitherway it still does the job.

The track:
The race track may be a little too stunted for go-kart pros but by and large, it extends just fine for an out of the ordinary experience.  A roughly 500 meter sweep with an array of 3 novice to old hand curves tied by a 100 m stretch that will allow you to go for a dash-which is not at all bad.  For pros running at this track, an 8 lap run is a wink and might cut them short.  But for beginners, 8 laps could be enough to loosen them up and discover their driving potentials.

Groovy.  The amount you pay cuts the thrill too soon but nonetheless it still can take you from one level of excitement to another and it's all worthy.

+63 32 2682553 for reservations

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Anonymous said...


How many minutes does it take to complete a lap? Thanks

admin_TOL said...

Hi there,
It doesn't take much time to complete a lap, in fact you can finish all 8 laps in less than 20 minutes if you are a skilled go-kart driver.

Anonymous said...

I've tried this one. It is fun. But track is too short.

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