May 13, 2011

Guimaras Island - Raymen Beach Resort

Guimaras Island is by far one of the best blue sea island in Western Visayas in the Philippines.  If you are looking for a solemn nature getaway on a rare tranquil seascape, Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras will hook you up.

Raymen Beach Resort is presumably the most well known resort out of many others in Guimaras Island.   Located at Alibuhod, Nueva Valencia in the small province of Guimaras, they aim to let you experience a watertight quest en route for a breathtaking escapade you will definitely love.

Going there:
Raymen Resort is just a 15 minutes boat ride from Iloilo City to Jordan wharf plus another 45 minutes travel by land or you may choose to travel straight away by boat from Iloilo wharf all the way to Raymen for an hour or so.

Fees and accomodations:
Raymen doesn't fall short of ammenities, it has a range of pretty much everything guests need from ornamental room accomodations down to luscious foodstuff all for a friendly cash outlay.  Listed below are the room rates:

Aircon rooms
8 pax room with refrigerator   -   PHP 2,200/night
4 pax room with TV, hot & cold shower   -   PHP 1,900/night
4 pax room   -   PHP 1,400/night
2 pax room with hot & cold shower   -   PHP 1,350/night
2 pax room (beach front)   -   PHP 1,350/night
Picnic huts   -   PHP 400-500

Non-aircon fan rooms are also available with prices ranging from PHP 600 - 900.
They also charge an entrance fee of PHP 10 for adults and PHP 5 for children.

Also, when your tummy goes hungry, the resort bistro offers delightful menus that you will surely adore especially if you are a seafood fan.  You will absolutely enjoy their fresh catch sea treats from king crabs, prawns and several different kinds of fishes all right on your very plate.  In addition to that, you will get to savor the exclusivity of their proudly owned sweet mangos of Guimaras.  Probably the best sweet mango you will ever taste and love.

Island tour:
Its time to explore the horizons.  Raymen Resort will take you out to the islands in the vicinity of Guimaras coast onboard their Raymen boat you see below.  A boatman tags along to guide you and take you to each of the islands in the expanse.  Though there a lot of small islands in the vicinity, 3 of them are worthy of note, and these 3 are just about where the boatman will take you at the outset.

1st Island:  The Fairy Castle Island
This Island will surely get your attention.  Wonder why it's called Fairy Castle Island?  Legends tell that boatmen often hear women with lovely voices singing in chorus during the night as they pass by on the way home.  Beautiful.

2nd Island: The Turtle Island
Still from afar, you will eventually realize why it was called the Turtle island in the first place.  Aside from the fact that the Island is populated with sea turtles, the Island's figure mimics a sea turtle as seen in the photo below.

The picture below shows the Turtle Island's shore. 

3rd Island: Baras Cave
Baras Cave will grace you with a jaw dropping natures beauty.  A clear blue green water stretching in a cave with exceptional earth formation and rock sediments.  Definitely a must see wonder you should not miss.


Guimaras Island is a total package.  One of the best vacation spot you and your folks need to visit.  Every penny is all worthy of the pleasure.  A truly satisfying experience.

For reservations, contact:
(6333) 3960252/3960383

Need a place to stay in Iloilo City?
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jc said...

Is there any direct flight to Guimaras? tnx

admin_TOL said...


Unfortunately you can't go to Guimaras by plane. You will have to go to Iloilo and travel by boat from Iloilo wharf to Guimaras.

Cristina said...

How about events do they cater to any?

admin_TOL said...

Hi Cristina,

Yes I believe they do. They have function rooms to accommodate several different kinds of activities. You may contact the numbers above for the terms. Good day!

Anonymous said...

How much was the island tour?

admin_TOL said...

Hi Anonymous,

I remember paying 500 for the island tour. That included the rent of the boat for an hour. Good day

raymen.webmaster said...

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Thanks for this blog.

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