May 18, 2011

Ka Lui Restaurant - Puerto Princesa Palawan

If you happened to visit Puerto Princesa in Palawan and missed the chance to dine in this fabulous restaurant,  you almost certainly let pass half of your trip's worth.

Ka Lui Restaurant is remarkably the most popular and the best restaurant in Puerto Princesa.  True enough, your Palawan visit wouldn't be complete without a savory dinner here.  It is the exclamation point that culminates all the fun and excitement you had in the course of your visit to Puerto Princesa's finest tourist destinations.

You definitely would not mind waiting for the food to be served because your eyes are going to be busy taking pleasure in the stylish adornments in the place.  It is a huge multi elevated, open room dressed up in a native taste ornamented with organic decorations that parade a traditional filipino heritage.  They have several different kinds of tables that will go well with your mood, you could either choose to eat on upright seats or on floor pillows. And the best part of it?  What separates Ka Lui's from the others is its unique practice of asking their customers to take off their shoes upon entrance to the foyer.  Yup, everyone inside eats bare footed and you don't even have to worry getting your feet dirty because their unsoiled wooden floors are sparkling clean.  More so, you wouldn't need to worry leaving your  posh branded shoes off your sight because they are well organized and kept in shoe racks by their warm and accomodating staff.

Though their menu is not filled with a bunch of options, their selection of dishes are all too tempting for you not to try.  If you are a seafood lover,  your discreet indulgence will definitely loom and will make you eat like there's no tomorrow.
Their servings are laced with flavorful seasonings and decorated with deligthful garnishes that you will surely love.  In addition, they serve a variety of bite size sweet fresh fruits all dished up on a fancy coconut shell to delight in for desert.  All these for an amazingly low and affordable price that will make you feel guilty shelling out an amount that less likely tie in with all the satisfaction you took.  Still searching for another reason why this restaurant tops the list?

Ka Lui Restaurant is located in the heart of Puerto Princesa.  It is just a few minutes ride by tricycle from the hotels in the vicinity of the city.  It is a must for Ka Lui visitors to make early reservations to secure yourselves a space because no table gets unoccupied especially at dinner times.

You can't afford to skip at least a meal at Ka Lui.  A visit to Puerto Princesa without a visit to Ka Lui is like eating a plain steak without your favorite steak sauce.  A "must" visit.

Address: 369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
Landline:  +63484332580
Mobile:  +639287539621
Or you may ask your hotel front desk to make reservations for you.

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