April 16, 2011

Weboss Paint Ball Extreme - Cebu City

What most tourists don't know, a visit to Cebu City is more than just a taste of blissful cuisine or a cuddle of nature's beauty.  It also has a tidbit for extreme runs.  If you are keen on extreme acitivities and want to experience a rare sort of spree, a paint ball challenge war games with your folks at Weboss Extreme Grounds is a valuable deal.  An experience of a lifetime that will surely give you an exhilarating indulgence and a likely leg contraction afterwards(seriously).  You are going to experience what it's like to be in an actual combat it will make you run, hide, duck, crawl, sneak(these explain the leg contraction) or any physically possible act of defense just to survive or better yet prevent yourself from getting shot.  At the same time, the fulfillment of being able to shoot and eliminate an opponent is a big deal, it boosts your self-worth and charges your zeal.  Overall, this activity gives a blend of self gratification, physical indulgence, healthy competition, and some test of aptitude which is just worthy for the money and sweat you will invest.  Perfect for a diversed outdoor hunt.

Weboss Extreme Grounds is basically situated inside a private estate at Tarona Compound, Holy Family 1, Banilad Cebu City.  The ground per se is a little bit difficult to locate for people who are not familiar with the place but Google earth could help a lot though. 

The battle ground occupies more or less 400 square meters of soil, grass, trees, bamboos, bushes, and some pre-built defense lumps made out of wood and used tires scattered in different prefectures that closely replicates a real jungle landscape you often see in combat movies.

Weboss charges each player PHP 300 and that includes a 4 hr game time, 50 paintballs, and free usage of the gun and armor.  If players think 50 paintballs aren't enough and wish to load more paintballs in their bottles, they could buy some more for PHP 5 a piece.

Armor, Ammo and Weapon:
Guns are BT4-Combat compressed gas powered rifles, a close replica of an M-4 firearm. It is made of steel with a compressed gas tank attached at the tail and a plastic paintball bottle mounted at the top.  It has a modular trigger system it runs manual, semi-auto, and full auto and it's equiped with a safety lock just like the real ones. 
The paintballs are made to replicate the size of a gumball.  It is made with a hard shell outer coat and a paint inside that splatters on impact.  A direct impact on the skin is tolerably painful and will leave an iflammation moments after depending on  the distance of the shot but it's all part of the game.
A vest, full face mask, and pads are provided though you wont be stopped from using your own gear if you have them.  In the actual game, it is more desirable to wear long sleeves shirt or any top garment that covers arm length.  This will protect you from any skin swelling incase you got hit or from getting accidental cuts, bruises, or abrasions brought by the game's physical requisites and intesity.

Weboss keeps 10 of those paint guns so players could group themselves in two teams of 5 members max at least for the first batch.  In addition, the playing ground area is just enough to accomodate that number of participants per game, additional heads might saturate the playground and clutter strategy. 

The game comes in 3 different types which is decided by the players onset.
> Jungle Skirmish
> Capture the flag
> Search and Rescue
Or you can create your own, if you have to. 
For that matter, Weboss will not just let you in to play and bang all the way.  At least 3 Weboss officials go along to mediate the entire game.  They are the only ones authorized to give the signal when to start, pause, resume, and stop.  They implement strict game rules inside the battle ground as well to avoid any serious injuries. 

The Weboss proprietors implement set of rules (posted in their website) to keep order during play time and to protect participants from any possible injuries.  They will require you to read them prior to the actual game to save time though they will still spend at least 15 minutes demonstrating proper paintball gun usage and everything else you need to know aside from aim-and-shoot.

Weboss prefers early reservations though they accept walk-in players if the ground is vacant.  They require downpayments on reservations which will be deducted from the total fee on the game day.

Action packed guaranteed.  Perfect to outdo boredom.  One of a kind experience.

You can contact the following for reservations.
or you can visit http://www.weboss.ph/


xJulesx said...

hi. How much do we need to pay for reservation and do they accept bank transfer? tnx

admin_TOL said...

Hi xJulesx, I am not sure of they require a certain amount for the downpayment but in our case we paid PHP1000 for reservation/downpayment which was later deducted to our total bill. They don't accept bank transfer you will need to meet with the owners to pay normally at their office. For that matter it's best to contact the numbers above. Good day

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. I believe weboss paintball is now upgrading new 6 paintball markers.

admin_TOL said...

Thank you. Yes Weboss added new ATS+ mechanical M-16 style paintball guns.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for this interesting post. :)
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Matthew said...

Nice to read this article will be very helpful in the future, share more info with us. Good job!

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