June 27, 2011

Explore Aquaria at KLCC - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Just when other people thought Petronas is the only lure in Kuala Lumpur, they might need to add this amazing marine attraction in their first or next Malaysian trip's itenerary list.

Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur is by far one of KLCC's tourism pin-ups you and your travel buddies can take pleasure from while wandering the city limits.  Enjoy an enthralling underwater adventure as you stumble upon several different sea creatures and get some detailed encounters with enormous, vicious looking sharks! 

Aquaria is contained by the 40 hectare estate of KLCC or Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.  It is specifically located at the Concourse Level of the centre which can be accessed by walking down from the KLCC's Jalan Pinang main entrance.  Tourist coming from the KLCC Suria Shopping Centre may take a 5 minute underpass tunnel walk from Suria KLCC Lower-Ground level to Aquaria KLCC.  For the most part, you wouldn't have to worry about directions reaching Aquaria when you are inside KLCC.

Entrance fee:
Fees are reasonable for the amount of pleasure and amusement you will take.  In addition, they are broken down to 3 age categories as follows:

Infant:   -   Free
Child (ages 3 - 12 y/o)   -   RM 35
Adult   -   RM 45
Senior Citizen (ages 60 y/o and above)   -   RM 25

Though it may utterly seem that Aquaria is just an oversized fish tank, it has a lot of awesome thrills to bid.  It has a line of interactive activities that will provide you and your kids the fun and excitement while learning and improving your environmental awareness in a dash.

Take pleasure as you meet with the "Stars of Aquaria".  A collection of fascinating sea creatures each with pleasing identity.  Meet "Matt" the Octopus, "Cheryl" the Tiger Shark, "Razor" the Piranha, 'Kismet" the Green Turtle, "Silver" the Moon Jelly, "Bob" the Giant Grouper, "Kudsiah" the Giant Fantail Ray, and a lot more.

For extremists who are in search for a much intense encounter, the Cage Rage and Dive with Sharks will close the deal.  A face to face acquaintance with some of the fearsome predators in the sea will definitely give you an ace experience you will never forget.  Cage Rage lets you dive inside a custom built safe steel cage consigning you few inches close to the sharks and other creatures swimming around, while Dive with the Sharks allows you to literally dance and play with them - if you have the grit.

Aquaria also has its Feeding Session where visitors can witness how sea creatures enjoy a meal and get familiarize with their diet.  The best of these sessions is the Sharks feeding at the Aquatheatre in Level 2.  This is a must see for those who would like to have a perception of the shark's vicious teeth in action.

In addition to the wonderful oceanic sceneries, Aquaria will also hook you up and soothe you with its one of a kind spa at Aquazone Fish Spa.  Let the Doctor Fishes take away the pain on your feet from the tiring walk.  Relax as you submerge your feet into a warm puddle of Garra rufa fishes.  You wouldn't have to worry about these minuscule fishes chunking out your feet's flesh in tiny treats because they don't bite.  They are toothless to bite in the first place and they are guaranteed harmless.  What they will just do is suck up all the dead skin cells from your feet which will be stimulating and quite a bit ticklish to an extent. 

A spa at Aquazone charges a separate fee though they also offer a discounted package fee if a visitor chooses to experience both Aquaria and a Fish spa at Aquazone.  Fees are listed below:

Aquazone only
Child (ages 3-12 y/o)   -   RM 22
Adult   -   RM 38
Senior Citizen (ages 60 y/o and above)   -   RM 22

Aquaria + Aquazone
Child (ages 3-12 y/o)   -   RM 52
Adult   -   RM 80
Senior Citizen (ages 60 y/o and above)   -   RM 45

Opening Hours:

Aquaria is open daily from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Aquaria admits visitors until 7:00 pm only while Aquazone admisson ends at 7:30 pm.

Tel no: +60323331888
Fax:  +60323800069


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