August 2, 2011

Portofino Beach Resort Mactan Cebu

Cebu, Philippines is utterly known for its delightful treats from luscious cuisines to white sand beach havens that will surely make up your vacation.  If you happen to lose enough of the time you need to visit the startling white sand beaches of Camotes Island in the far north yet still yearning to get engaged in the relaxing waters of Cebu, the resorts in Lapu Lapu City in Mactan Island will cover up just as  fine. 

Portofino Beach Resort is probably just one among the many other beaches in Mactan that can fairly let you loosen up, have fun and relax without the tension of the long hours trip and the angst of intricate planning.  I made a swift decision to visit Portofino resort in June for my desire to catch up and grab a post summer escape and surprisingly, it turned out quite well.  The beach was not as good as compared to my Camotes trip but for my resolve to find leisure and ease myself from stress, my 24 hrs experience at that resort was noteworthy.

The best thing that I love about this trip is that it didn't require me to spend long hours on the road giving me more time and energy to start having fun onset instead of taking a 2 hour nap in my cabin due to exhaustion.  Unlike the good white sand beaches in the far north and south of Cebu province, Portofino resort is just a 30 minutes drive from Cebu City.  It is specifically located at Bo.Angasil, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City.  While my comparison of this resort to other better white sand resorts afar, which is just outwardly based on distance, is unwarranted, Portofino's ease of access is trully what satisfied me more than its appearance at that particular occasion.  And quite frankly, their amenities were good enough to make it up for me as well.

Inside Portofino, you can enjoy swimming in a pretty decent and sizable swimming pool if you don't feel like dipping yourself in the sea with the majority of the crowd.  I personally enjoyed my time swimming in the uncongested pool - I was able to free style my way from one end to any of my desired point of reach straight up without any interruptions. 

A view of the swimming pool

Portofino does not fall short on accomodations as well, the rooms are classic but outstandingly neat, spacious and cozy.  The one I took was a regular poolside cabin and I would say that I had fun inside it just as much as I had in the pool, except that I had to get by with the local channels of the small CRT TV.  But by and large, the room provided the comfort I need.

For your reference, below is the list of Portofino Resort's accomodations and their rates together with the fees.

Resort Entrance Fee
Saturday, Sunday, Holiday   -   PHP 100
Weekdays/Ordinary days   -   PHP 75
Note: Children 6 y/o and below   -   Free
          Entrance is free if you get a room

Swimming Pool Fee (From 8am - 8pm only)
7 y/o and above   -   PHP 100
6 y/o and below   -   PHP 50

Beach Area Facilities (Until 10pm only)
Gazebo(w/ 2 tables and 12 chairs)   -   PHP 1,500
Shade Sails(w/ 2 tables and 12 chairs)   -   PHP 1,200
Table Set(w/ 1 table and 6 chairs)   -   PHP 300
Extra table   -   PHP 120
Extra chair   -   PHP 30

Room Rates(includes free entrance and use of swimming pool)
Day Use(from 8am - 5pm)
Beachfront De Luxe   -   PHP 3,700
De Luxe Regular   -   PHP 3,300
Regular Poolside   -   PHP 3,000
Standard Economy(no tv & no ref)   -   PHP 2,700
Note: Good for 2 pax only.  Additional charge of P1000 if more than 2 persons occupy the room.

Overnight Use(from 2pm - 12noon)
Beachfront De Luxe   -   PHP 4,500
De Luxe Regular   -   PHP 4,200
Regular Poolside   -   PHP 3,700
Standard Economy(no tv & no ref)   -   PHP 3,100
Note: Good for 2 pax only.  Additional charge of P1000 if more than 2 persons occupy the room.
          With free breakfast for 2 persons only.

A view of the poolside room

Because this trip was off the cuff, I did not have time to think about food at the outset.  I just grabbed some chips and few bottles from a local grocery store on my way and I thought I could just get anything that can pack my tummy at the resort's cafe for dinner.  Something that I just assumed but surprisingly, it did not disappoint.  Portofino's restobar serves delightful dishes at very friendly prices.

Portofino Resort's Restobar

My whole afternoon exertions at the pool consumed all my energy and made me awfully hungry at sundown so I ordered a real heavy dinner to refuel my body with protein and carbo.

Boneless Grilled Chicken with Letuce and Onion Rings

Grilled Prok with French Fries and Garnish

Since I checked in to one of their rooms,  I was then entitled for a free breakfast the following morning at the breakfast deck by the beach.  A breakfast meal you will surely take pleasure in.  What is more pleasurable than sipping on a cup of hot brewed coffee infront of the lovely beach horizon of the island.  Something you don't see everyday.

Sometimes, things that we usually do unplanned are those that surprisingly result into a much more fun and exciting endeavor than those that are thought-out.  Portofino beach resort may not be as wondrous as Boracay and the like but it absolutely gave me what I was looking for at that very instant.

Contact details of Portofino:
  • +63324957768
  • +63324957881 - 82


Anonymous said...

thanks for the information. Very helpful

kathie said...

ive been trying to contact all #'s but its not working always busy one # ringing but nobody answer.

fatima26 said...

Hi. How many persons can the regular pool side cabin accommodate? Thanks

Anonymous said...

pwde ra ni xa dri na dli mag rent ug table set??

admin_TOL said...

Hi Anonymous,

Getting a table set is optional, you may or may not avail of it. Good day.

jp19 said...


Is the resort fee different from the swimming pool fee?

admin_TOL said...

Hi jp19,

Resort fee is different from swimming pool fee. But getting a room includes free use of the pool. Good day

Anonymous said...


admin_TOL said...

Hi Anonymous,

Not really sure if using tent for overnight stay is allowed or not as I didn't see anyone who did during my visit. I would suggest to contact Portofino to confirm. Good day.

Anonymous said...

Im planning to go this coming may with my family. Is there a place for grilling pork or fish?

Anonymous said...

can we bring food outside?
Is there no corkage for softdrinks?

Anonymous said...

can we bring food outside?
Is there no corkage for softdrinks?

Anonymous said...

hi..pede ra magdala me ug own food . den ang table/chair mao ray bayaran namu..

admin_TOL said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes you can bring your own food and just rent a table set. Good day!

Anonymous said...

Planning for overnight with my family ... Ang price room good for 2 and additional 1000 per person ????

Anonymous said...

Hi how much is the Snorkling Adventure?

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