September 12, 2011

Benefits of drinking Coffee - What you should know about your daily drink

Filipinos are known for their revolutionary coffee drinking routine.  Coffee at breakfast, morning snacks, cigarette breaks, post lunch breather or at least in more than one occasion, especially the majority of people who work at offices and the like. What most common filipinos know about drinking coffee could still be far too little from what it can utterly do or give to our body.  Drinking coffee, since the beginning, has always been connected to keeping you awake, which to an extent is true, because of the amount of caffeine it contains.  What exactly does caffeine do?  Caffeine is basically a stimulant.  A pick-me-up substance that temporarily restores our awareness and defends us from drowsiness. Now, pay attention to the word "temporary", we often relate coffee to something that will keep us awake.  It will do reduce the feeling of being sleepy, depending on the amount of caffeine intake, but it won't completely eliminate the need for sleep.  It will keep us awake and in fact increase our capability for mental and physical work but just in a certain period of time.  Drinking a cup of coffee can plainly keep you awake in approximately 3 - 4 hours and let you do your work, term papers, plates etc. on late nights accurately without feeling drowsy and tired eliminating the risk of committing too much mistakes as opposed to drinking none.  So if you need to pull some more energy to keep your eyes open, a cup of coffee is a good resource.

Aside from the momentary get-up-and-go boost it can give you, coffee contains high level of antioxidants as well.  What are these? Antioxidants are substances in foods that can eliminate free-radicals which are the common allyway for rapid aging, cancer, and other deseases.  These free-radicals are by-products of molecules that interact with oxygen inside our body.  They damage other healthy cells and what antioxidants do is to stop them from doing excessive harm.  Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of these antioxidants but studies confirmed that coffee can as well provide our body with antioxidants in a similar level either caffeinated or decaffeinated. 

But hey, just because you learned drinking coffee can do all good to your body doesn't mean you have to increase your daily intake.  Just like any other good thing, if taken too much, it will always yield to a bad outcome.  Too much caffeine could increase the risk of heart desease.  It can cause heart palpitation, unrestrained nerviousness, increased high blood pressure, and at worst, heart attack, so watch out. 

Now, drink and enjoy your cup of coffee and all the benefits it can give but for each cup you will take, never forget to add a spoon full of self awareness.



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