December 21, 2011

Travelers Lounge at Hong Kong Airport

For some strange reason, you got booked on a late night connecting flight and needed to put off few hours and spend the rest of the night at Hong Kong International Airport until your next early morning flight and you don't feel like going through the bundle of going out and worry as to how and where you can stretch flat for a recharge, the Travelers Lounge at Hong Kong Airport can hook you up just as good as regular hotels outside could.

During my recent trip to Mainland China, I inescapably had to take an unsightly connecting flight from China to Hong Kong and had to pass up hours before my next flight to Manila.  Hours that were too short and unreasoanble for me to spend them outside but too long ang tiring for me to spend them inside the airport walking around in circles.  Plus it was past midnight and roaming was not really what I wanted to do.  I had a long day and I was looking to get some much needed sleep and a private rest room where I can drop off, empty my system and freshen up.  Good thing HKIA organized Travelers Lounges that give tourists and travelers the liberty to loll on a comfy couch, take a shower, or check in in a private room where they can sleep comfortably on a bed and do their hygiene in a private comfort room.

I wanted to reward myself with comfort and privacy so I took a private room with its own private toilet and bath.  While the space of the room is relatively small, it didn't matter much to me as it was well turned out, clean, and most importantly, it provided more than enough comfort I needed at that particular time.  Below are the snap shots of the room:

Single Bed with matress and comforter

Shower room, toilet and lavatory

The Rates are not cheap, infact it's quite expensive.  But for someone who has enough dough to pay for comfort, this should not be a problem.

HKD 450 - 1st 3 hours
HKD 150 - 1 succeeding hour
*inclusive of 1 buffet meal

I payed HKD 750 for 5 hrs, just enough to do all the things I needed to do and prepare for my early morning flight.  It dug deep in my pocket but for me it was all worthy.


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